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Sea Sports

To Live the Area

The Marina and the Cascais Naval Club, as well as the Centro Náutico do Clube Desportivo de Paço de Arcos (Paço de Arcos Sports Club Nautical Centre), have sailing schools that operate at weekends, and which organize many competitions and leisure sailing in the areas of Oeiras and the Bay of Cascais. For lovers of the sea, there are innumerable other attractions: one can hire yachts, or boats or to do aquatic ski lessons. Additionally, all along the coast the wind and waves are perfect for surfing, windsurfing and bodyboarding. We should put in a word here for the beaches of Guincho, Praia Grande and Ribeira d'Ilhas (north of Ericeira), that are regular venues for events in the World Championships of these sports. Besides the magnificent swimming pools available at the best hotels, there are a large number of others which are open to the public, some of them covered and functioning all the year round. The Praia da Torre oceanic swimming pool in Oeiras is of interest because it contains seawater and the oceanic swimming pools at Estoril and Cascais are other options to explore.

An extensive and varied coastline featuring beaches, rocky outcrops and high cliffs, offers - particularly from Boca do Inferno to Cabo da Roca - hundreds of great spots for angling with unpolluted water rich in fish and shellfish.

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