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The first hotel business association in Cascais, Estoril, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras, whose focus is to increase Tourism in the Region, while representing the interests of its members by providing support and encouraging cooperation among the sector, as well as analyzing and identifying the news, trends and innovations that are changing in our industry.

  • Hotels by Region

    The intense Region of Cascais, Estoril, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras is full of attractions and, most importantly, fantastic places to stay. Read More
  • Agenda and events

    Here you can find the calendar of our upcoming events, as well as the events of the industry, our partners and associates. Read More
  • News

    Read the latest news to keep informed, connected and competitive Read More
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  • About Us

    Who we are:

    The tourist heritage of the Estoril Coast, formerly called the Portuguese Riviera, has allowed over the years the hotel industry to combine tradition with innovation, refinement and glamor to the service of Excellence, where no detail is forgotten (...)

    What we do:

    Since 1985 that this Association has been fighting for the revitalization of Tourism in the Region, and has been the main player in drawing up a plan for the recovery of existing tourist infrastructures and the creation of new poles of attraction for this area (...)

    Read More
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  • Advantages of being associated:

    • To defend and promote the rights and interests of our hotel companies.

    • To implement the study, execution and support to actions and programs of tourist promotion.

    • To promote and support the organization of vocational training courses, conferences and edit publications.

    • To have exclusive access to the reserved area of ​​the site, with privileged information of the Management Indicators by region, technical documents, studies of the sector, calendar and legislation.

    • To be entitled to the privileged Discount of Member in Hotel signage;

    • To have exclusive access to services and partnerships.

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  • Dados sobre a região

    97 KM2

    921 Hotéis & Unidades de Alojamento

    96 €/dias gastos em turismo

    466 Turistas por ano

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  • ARHCESMO Partners

    Parceiros Rede T

    Parceiros IEFP

    Parceiros HotelShop

    Parceiros BrowserBox

    Parceiros Turismo Portugal

    Parceiros GCAR Advogados

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  • ARHCESMO is Member of:

    Turismo Cascais

    Confederacao Turismo Portugues

    Turismo Lisboa

    Codigo Etica Turismo

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