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Other Sports

To Live the Area

The proximity of the sea and of the mountains, the unpolluted air and the mildness of the climate throughout the year, make the Estoril & Sintra coast an ideal place for pursuing a variety of sports. There are clubs and companies with the facilities, equipment and monitors to support almost any kind of sport, such as mountain climbing, four-by-four, mountain bike, orienteering, obstacle courses, delta wing, hang-gliding, parachuting, ultralight flying and other sports.

Car and Motorcycle Racing - With a long and great tradition on the international Formula 1 circuit, the Estoril Race Car Track is home to car and motorcycle racing competitions. The calendar for competitions may be obtained from Tourist Offices or from your hotel. There are also facilities for practising these sports individually.
Horse Riding - There are forest bridle paths and excellent conditions for horse riding, with numerous riding arenas where one can hire a horse and learn to ride.

Jogging - It is easy to go jogging, even in the most built-up parts of the area. Particularly agreeable places, however, are: the woods at the National Stadium, in Oeiras; the sea wall, or "paredão", running from São João do Estoril to Cascais on the south coast; the cycle path from Cascais to Guincho on the west coast; the area of Penha Longa and Lagoa Azul, at the foot of the Sintra hill; as well as the Parque Desportivo de Mafra (Mafra Sports Park).

Tennis - There are numerous clubs and tennis courts, some of excellent quality. The Estoril Open is one of the tournaments of the ATP Tour and is played at the Jamor complex in March and April and annually attracts the world's top players.

Flying - At the Tires aerodrome there is a flying school, and one can hire small planes and helicopters for excursions.

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