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The proximity to Lisbon combined with all the natural beauty and glamor featuring the Region of Cascais, Estoril, Sintra, Mafra e Oeiras, turn these places into a sea of possibilities and a destiny of a thousand sensations.

The Royal Historical Past of the Region

The rich heritage of the Region reflects its Royal historical past. Strolling around the area is to have the feeling of living in other times, in what was the favorite retreat of many Kings and Aristocrats either for its uniqueness and beauty, and for having a wonderful climate and charm. But the Region has been well adapted to the present day, incorporating into the present all this glamor, delicacy and royalty in all its multiple environments. With a wide variety of museums and places to visit this Region offers unique and unforgettable experiences.

UNESCO Natural Heritage

Feel the freshness of the Serra de Sintra, UNESCO Natural Heritage, and be amazed by the magnificent Palaces of Pena, Monserrate or Regaleira.

In Cascais, feel the calm sea breeze coming from its cozy bay, stage of such important events such as the landing of Nicolau Coelho, the first captain of Vasco da Gama fleet to reach India. An historical past full of glamor that reflects in every corner and in every landscape of the region.

Visiting the Quinta Real de Caxias is to have the opportunity to visit one of the gardens of enormous landscape, architectural and sculptural value.

Built in the reign of King João V (18th century), after the construction of the Mafra Convent, as a leisure park for the King and his court, the Mafra National Tapada is a representative forest and natural surrounding near the main monument of the village.

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