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Join the ARHCESMO and enjoy our large and growing list of members benefits.

  • To defend and promote the rights and interests of our hotel companies.
  • To promote the qualification, dynamization and tourism development of the municipalities of Cascais, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras.
  • To facilitate the dialogue with sovereign bodies, local authorities and any public or private entities with a view to creating, altering or updating infrastructures.
  • To propose legislative and practical measures that address the defense of hotel companies and the tourist interests of the municipalities of Cascais, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras.
  • To implement the study, execution and support to actions and programs of tourist promotion.
  • To promote and support the organization of vocational training courses, conferences and edit publications.
  • To support any actions of animation and events of relevant interest for the purposes of the Association and associates.
  • To provide systematic information on matters of general and / or specific interest.
  • To promote the visibility of its members and news on the new website;
  • To have exclusive access to the reserved area of ​​the site, with privileged information of the Management Indicators by region, technical documents, studies of the sector, calendar and legislation.
  • To be entitled to the privileged Discount of Member in Hotel signage;
  • To have exclusive access to services and partnerships.

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