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About Us

The association

Who we are:

The tourist heritage of the Estoril Coast, formerly called the Portuguese Riviera, has allowed over the years the hotel industry to combine tradition with innovation, refinement and glamor to the service of Excellence, where no detail is forgotten. Resulting in outstanding hospitality and responding exactly to what the visitor is looking for whether they are enjoying their vacations, alone or with the Family, on their business trip, or even to organize meetings.

The Regional Association of Hoteliers of Cascais and Estoril, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras, is a business association that for more than 30 years has been defending the interests of hoteliers in the Region and striving for a sustained and sustainable development of tourism in its area of influence.

Mission: To represent, defend, promote, propose and ensure the rights and interests of our Associates.

Vision: Appreciation of the collective spirit, of the Hospitality and the Tourism of the Regions that we represent, through the quality, innovation and excellence of the services we provide.

Values: Transparency, competence, efficiency, responsibility and quality.

The Management Principles and Guidelines: The strategic and operational objectives are based on a careful and sustained management of the activity in a search for continuous improvement.

What we do:

Since 1985 that this Association has been fighting for the revitalization of Tourism in the Region, and has been the main player in drawing up a plan for the recovery of existing tourist infrastructures and the creation of new poles of attraction for this area.

The intransigent defense of the interests of all those who invest in this region in the area of Tourism and the constant willingness to mediate relationship between private and regional, and national institutions remain our main goal.

We do this by means of dialogue with public authorities with a view to creating, change or updating infrastructures, or by proposing legislative measures and practical measures to protect hotel businesses and the tourist interests of the municipalities of Cascais, Sintra, Mafra and Oeiras, or still supporting to support any action of entertainment and events of relevant interest to the Region.

Board of Members

Executive Board


  • Ana Maria Tavares | Conjunto Turístico das Arribas, S.A.


  • José Branco | General Manager Hotel Cascais Miragem | Gracentur – Grande Centro Turístico, Lda.
  • Rui Ventura | General Manager Hotel Londres | Patrihotel - Patrihotel – Gestão Hoteleira, S.A.
  • João Coruche | CEO | Investimentos Hoteleiros da Baía de Cascais, S.A.


  • Manuel Guedes de Sousa | Sales & Marketing Director Hotel Palácio do Estoril | Estoril Plage, Inc.


  • Francelina Amaral | General Manager Intercontinental Cascais-Estoril | Estoril Estoril 8023 – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A.
  • Ana Lamas | General Manager Legacy Hotel Cascais, Curio Collection by Hilton | Honest Talents, Ltd..

General Assembly


  • Paulo Bertão | Marketing Director Estoril and Lisbon Casinos | Estoril Sol III – Turismo, Animação e Jogo, S.A.


  • João Pinto Coelho | Administrator | Six – Investimentos Turísticos, S.A.


  • Tânia Rodrigues | General Manager Sheraton Hotel Resort Cascais | Viva Marinha - Promoção Turística e Imobiliária, S.A.
    Fiscal Council

Supervisory Board


  • Frederico Simões de Almeida | General Manager Hotel Albatroz | Albatroz - Actividades Hoteleiras S.A.


  • Noel Dias | General Manager Hotel Riviera | Alternativ Ocean, Lda.
  • Mariana Soares Franco | Sales & Marketing Director Fortaleza do Guincho | Guinchotel - Actividades Hoteleiras, S.A.


Download the Statutes in pdf in here

  • Advantages of being associated:

    • To defend and promote the rights and interests of our hotel companies.

    • To implement the study, execution and support to actions and programs of tourist promotion.

    • To promote and support the organization of vocational training courses, conferences and edit publications.

    • To have exclusive access to the reserved area of ​​the site, with privileged information of the Management Indicators by region, technical documents, studies of the sector, calendar and legislation.

    • To be entitled to the privileged Discount of Member in Hotel signage;

    • To have exclusive access to services and partnerships.

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