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Five benefits of mindfulness in business

noticia mindfulness

Mindfulness is simply a mental workout that teaches people how to deal with their thoughts and emotions. This greater self-awareness brings advantages to the daily life of employees and, consequently, of companies. Workwell identifies five.

The specialist in wellness and quality of work life advocates that Mindfulness helps employees identify and recognize destructive behavior patterns and toxic emotions, and then reprogram the mind and avoid them. But the benefits do not stop here. Workwell highlights five advantages in particular: 

1. Improves attention and ability to focus

Attention is a fundamental skill, however, there are several studies that suggest that people think of something different from what they are doing for almost half of their time. Mindfulness training can help stabilize attention and prevent the mind from wandering.

This capability can be very helpful in helping to deal with internal and external distractions in workplaces. Achieving attention for a longer period of time improves fluid intelligence, promotes the ability to "think outside the box," and increases the sense of well-being.

2. Promotes self-regulation of behavior

Mindfulness encourages employees to be aware of their automatic responses when they are experiencing stress and to regain their ability to ponder and choose. Increased behavioral self-regulation promotes improvements in professional performance, but also promotes better regulation of one's behavior in the practice of healthy habits.

3. Increases emotional intelligence

Increasing self-awareness and the ability to manage distressing situations can also lead to increased emotional intelligence. According to the Mindfulness Meditation study, Alterations in Brain and Immune Function Produced, meditation may even increase the activity of the anterior left side of our brain that is associated with reduced anxiety.

4. Increases Productivity

When testing the effects of Mindfulness on the productivity of mid-level managers, it was found that this practice provided more effective work styles, better performance assessments by employers, greater job satisfaction, stronger and more sustainable interventions in stress at work and less psychological distress.

5. Reduce work absenteeism

Another test, which looked at patients undergoing medical leave to test the effects of Mindfulness on health recovery, shows that this practice can help reduce stress symptoms significantly and may even lower medical costs.

Source: Human Resources
Date: March 12, 2019

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